About Us

Redwood Taxi began operations in Ukiah, California on May 2, 2005 with one driver working as an independent contractor. That one driver became an owner operator on January 1, 2007 with two vehicles.

On June 4, 2018, Redwood Taxi LLC was registered with the State of California. For the following 18 months, Redwood Taxi continued operating in Ukiah and even expanding into Willits with a crew of about 15 drivers.

On January 1, 2020, Redwood Taxi converted all drivers from independent contractors to employees in accordance with Assembly Bill 5. All employees start at $14/hour and make $1/hour in hazard pay during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Redwood Taxi is expanding into Sonoma County with a tentative date to start services in Santa Rosa on December 26th, 2020.