Redwood Taxi Rates

Description Rate per
Pickup Fee $4.00 One-time
Per Mile Fee $4.00 Per mile
Waiting Time $1.00 Per minute



Accounts/Contracts $25.00 For service accounts and contract services only
Standard Taxi $12.00 For standard, on-demand taxi services


ROUTE RATES – recurring bookings that have the same times and destinations and billed to a third party (agency)

Description Rate Other
Unlimited $80.00 p. hr. Six hour minimum available only within
Sonoma County and Mendocino County
Limited On-Demand Rates Apply Mileage based rates apply
1 hour wait fee minimum
Billed per passenger.


WAIT FEES: Wait fees are accrued in the event a taxi has been hired and the meter has been activated and the taxi is not in motion. From time to time, a client may request a taxi driver to wait as they are not ready to board the taxi at the time of arrival at which time Redwood Taxi Operators may activate the meter and cause Waiting Time to be accrued at the above rates. There is a short buffer of time once a meter is activated before Waiting Time fees start to accrue. Wait fees may accrue at stop signs, traffic signals and any stops where the taxi is not in motion for 120 seconds.

WAIT FEES ON APPOINTMENT PICKUPS: When a client requests a pre-booking of a ride for a later date and/or time, Redwood Taxi preserves the right to activate the taxi meter at the time requested by the client whether the client has boarded the taxi or not. If a driver arrives for a pre-booked pickup prior to the time requested, the driver WILL NOT activate the taxi meter until the time requested.

OUT OF AREA UPFRONT PAYMENT REQUIRED: On-demand taxi service requests originating for outside our service areas in Ukiah and Santa Rosa will be required to pay for services upfront based on calculated costs and time costs. Clients must provide photos of their identification and credit card as proof of ownership to be verified by Redwood Taxi staff prior to acceptance of payment. Service requests originating out of our service areas are REQUIRED TO PAY UPFRONT before services will be rendered. Typically, cash paying clients will be denied services without use of a credit card for upfront payment minimally from our service area to your pickup location. Please check in with dispatch for information about whether your requests for pickup may originate outside of our service area.

QUOTES FOR SERVICES: A client may request a quote for services via dispatch or drivers. However, all quotes are subject to the mileage and specific requests of the client. Please provide dispatch or driver any relevant information relating to your quote request such as any additional stops, requests for waiting time, and special circumstances (ie, long dirt road access, airport access, specific time needs, etc.).

THIRD PARTY PAYERS: Redwood Taxi will accept payments from third parties. The following is required in order to process Third Party Payments:

  1. Payor must provide photo images of their identification and physical credit card
  2. ID and credit card owner information must match in order to process any payments
  3. Third party payers must provide either verbal or written (text message/email) approval confirming the name of the person getting services